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So there are two aspects to this job. One aspect we are really, really good at (the one about making music and putting it to the moving picture) and the other, well……. could use some work (self promotion).

So it is with an emboldened sense of self worth that I present, FINALLY, a composer’s reel.

It’s like a resume for us creative types.

We chose to use two compositions to show diversity but not to overwhelm. A longer reel is given to future/past people we wish to work with/again. This longer version has multiple scenes with our music as it appears in the film itself.

In good conscience, I can’t add these to this post as some are actually the climax of the film. A film I’d hope you want to see.

Big love goes to Nick Taylor, an amazing director, editor, songwriter and brother for this edit.




Or rather…releases!!!!

Spring & Arnaud get a run (in Ontario)  on TVO!!!!!! You can find the broadcast times HERE

A wonderful and beautiful meditation on Life, Death, and Art…..we couldn’t be happier it is seeing the light of day.

We’ve all but exhausted any music that we could possibly post here from this wonderful film….but what the hell…’s some more!!!!

And then there’s this…….

road to paloma poster 6(1)With a new trailer and some exciting upcoming release dates!!!!

And again…..some more music from this wonderful and terrifying and beautiful road film!!!

This one is just the string part from the tragic end cue.I wanted you to hear this arrangement Ohad composed. It’s beautiful, and might get lost in the full-on pummeling that happens in the film’s climax.

This one actually is supposed to represent the feedback one hears inside his own head!! I hear this sound all the time. Perhaps I should …ahem…’turn down’!!

Again THANKS for listening!

Justin and Ohad

Algonquin gets a run. Justin gets interviewed

Hey Everyone….

Self-promotion has never been my strongest suit. I’m more of a subtle ‘hype person’. So it comes as no surprise to those who know and love me that I, Justin, am a little late on the uptake to announce that Algonquin has some screenings and that I had been interviewed about the project and my work in film!

You can find the link to me BLAHBLAH-ing HERE

You can find play-times for Algonquin HERE

(Ahem!!!!!!!) official trailer featuring some of our music….




To celebrate the screenings here are some of our favorite compositions…….

Here is the first piece you hear…. It sets the tone for our Hero(ish)


We called this one ‘Crossing the threshold’ because at this point in the film there had been a realization. A moment. We wanted to capture that.


If you’ve not seen the film, there is a reason this composition is called ‘Last Night’ ……there IS. A . REASON


This particular piece was…performed by two amazing drummers (not THEE DMST drummers)  by us!!!!! and ….then a little magic in the mix..a little love for Miles Davis and really fun cue!!!!!!



Y’know  thee END!!!!


We’ve been super busy with beautiful, amazing projects including a wonderful long form documentary and a new Do Make Say Think record. And just today heard some great news of a release and promotion of  ‘Road to Paloma’

We will keep you posted!!!!!




Not getting Killed, and Canoeing in Paloma..?!!??, A round up!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone….

Getting excited to see a screening of ‘Don’t Get Killed in Alaska’ in Toronto next week. Really can’t wait to see it on the big screen!! I would love for you all to see it as well. Hopefully in the new year we will see a wider release!!!!!

In the meantime, here is some more compositions from that film…

DGKIA screen

As well as some other projects we completed this year that will see a release next year……..

One that will be seeing the light of day is the wonderful ‘Road to Paloma’. Directed by Jason Mamoa.

This is a road movie about redemption, revenge and the consequences of both.


And this little beauty right here………Algonquin: the movie. It’s a movie. About Algonquin. And other WAAYYY more complicated family stuff……

Algonquin Poster

With Sheila McCarthy and Nicholas Campbell starring!!!!! It’s a Canadian movie for sure!


As always…Thanks for listening!!!