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Hey Everyone…

The Polar Sea episodes 5-10 start broadcasting tonight on TVO and Arte in Europe. It doesn’t have a broadcaster in the US as of yet, and if you are having some trouble viewing it go here and download this:


And watch the episodes HERE:


Here’s a description from tonight’s episode:

Crossing the Northwest Passage remains an immense challenge despite the melting ice. Halfway through their journey, some explorers break down and fall back, leaving others exiled. One such calamity forces Richard Tegner into hitchhiking through the passage. His experience is a poignant mirror of legendary Arctic disasters that befell both Europeans and Inuit.

And some more pieces from the series:

This first composition was our first attempt at the opening credits…they now use a portion of it in the beginning when the narrator (the legendary Gorden Pinset) says “last time on the polar sea….”

Here it is presented in whole….


And some more reflections….



Hope you can tune in and as always, thanks for listening.




Hey Everyone…


Happy to announce the first episode of Polar Sea airs tonight in Canada on TVO (9pm) and in Europe on Arte Future. Those of you stateside (or elsewhere in the world) can watch the episodes here:

(also it appears that some are getting this message : “”We’re sorry, the video you’re trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current geographic location due to rights restrictions.” apparently you can download this app. I can’t recommend it’s quality as I don’t use it but I’ve been told it works)


We’d like to share some more music from this amazing project the Toronto Star calls “overwhelming and essential viewing”. Read the glowing review here:







This fella right here is Richard. One of the crazy people who take a run at crossing the Northwest Passage in a tiny boat! This composition is one of the variations on the ‘Sailing Theme’. You’ll have to watch to see if the epic ending to the piece relates to victory or failure!








This is Micheal. He is an Inuit author and story teller. Story telling is still a common way of communicating both current news and the people’s rich history. This particular cue was written to reflect the more folk-y aspects of isolated northern living.





This is a variation on our landscape theme. It is used to reflect the Epic, Beautiful and often Lonesome world of the Inuit communities.



Thank you again for listening! More to come.




DON’T GET KILLED AT THE CARLTON or on the open seas.

Hey Everyone, especially those in Toronto…

The wonderful Don’t Get Killed in Alaska gets a run at the wonderful Carlton Cinemas here in Toronto Nov 7-13th!!

And I (Justin), will be Blah Blah-ing about film composition on the Sunday Nov 9th 7pm screening. Come heckle me!


And in other news,

Ohad and Myself completed the score to a long form episodic documentary on the melting of the polar ice cap called ‘The Polar Sea’ by the wonderful Kevin McMahon. Much more information and sounds will be coming as premiere dates become clear. In the meantime, I’d like to share a composition from it.


As always, thanks for listening and we’ll see you soon.