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Hey Everyone…

The Polar Sea episodes 5-10 start broadcasting tonight on TVO and Arte in Europe. It doesn’t have a broadcaster in the US as of yet, and if you are having some trouble viewing it go here and download this:


And watch the episodes HERE:


Here’s a description from tonight’s episode:

Crossing the Northwest Passage remains an immense challenge despite the melting ice. Halfway through their journey, some explorers break down and fall back, leaving others exiled. One such calamity forces Richard Tegner into hitchhiking through the passage. His experience is a poignant mirror of legendary Arctic disasters that befell both Europeans and Inuit.

And some more pieces from the series:

This first composition was our first attempt at the opening credits…they now use a portion of it in the beginning when the narrator (the legendary Gorden Pinset) says “last time on the polar sea….”

Here it is presented in whole….


And some more reflections….



Hope you can tune in and as always, thanks for listening.




Hey Everyone…


Happy to announce the first episode of Polar Sea airs tonight in Canada on TVO (9pm) and in Europe on Arte Future. Those of you stateside (or elsewhere in the world) can watch the episodes here:

(also it appears that some are getting this message : “”We’re sorry, the video you’re trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current geographic location due to rights restrictions.” apparently you can download this app. I can’t recommend it’s quality as I don’t use it but I’ve been told it works)


We’d like to share some more music from this amazing project the Toronto Star calls “overwhelming and essential viewing”. Read the glowing review here:







This fella right here is Richard. One of the crazy people who take a run at crossing the Northwest Passage in a tiny boat! This composition is one of the variations on the ‘Sailing Theme’. You’ll have to watch to see if the epic ending to the piece relates to victory or failure!








This is Micheal. He is an Inuit author and story teller. Story telling is still a common way of communicating both current news and the people’s rich history. This particular cue was written to reflect the more folk-y aspects of isolated northern living.





This is a variation on our landscape theme. It is used to reflect the Epic, Beautiful and often Lonesome world of the Inuit communities.



Thank you again for listening! More to come.





Or rather…releases!!!!

Spring & Arnaud get a run (in Ontario)  on TVO!!!!!! You can find the broadcast times HERE

A wonderful and beautiful meditation on Life, Death, and Art…..we couldn’t be happier it is seeing the light of day.

We’ve all but exhausted any music that we could possibly post here from this wonderful film….but what the hell…’s some more!!!!

And then there’s this…….

road to paloma poster 6(1)With a new trailer and some exciting upcoming release dates!!!!

And again…..some more music from this wonderful and terrifying and beautiful road film!!!

This one is just the string part from the tragic end cue.I wanted you to hear this arrangement Ohad composed. It’s beautiful, and might get lost in the full-on pummeling that happens in the film’s climax.

This one actually is supposed to represent the feedback one hears inside his own head!! I hear this sound all the time. Perhaps I should …ahem…’turn down’!!

Again THANKS for listening!

Justin and Ohad

Algonquin gets a run. Justin gets interviewed

Hey Everyone….

Self-promotion has never been my strongest suit. I’m more of a subtle ‘hype person’. So it comes as no surprise to those who know and love me that I, Justin, am a little late on the uptake to announce that Algonquin has some screenings and that I had been interviewed about the project and my work in film!

You can find the link to me BLAHBLAH-ing HERE

You can find play-times for Algonquin HERE

(Ahem!!!!!!!) official trailer featuring some of our music….




To celebrate the screenings here are some of our favorite compositions…….

Here is the first piece you hear…. It sets the tone for our Hero(ish)


We called this one ‘Crossing the threshold’ because at this point in the film there had been a realization. A moment. We wanted to capture that.


If you’ve not seen the film, there is a reason this composition is called ‘Last Night’ ……there IS. A . REASON


This particular piece was…performed by two amazing drummers (not THEE DMST drummers)  by us!!!!! and ….then a little magic in the mix..a little love for Miles Davis and really fun cue!!!!!!



Y’know  thee END!!!!


We’ve been super busy with beautiful, amazing projects including a wonderful long form documentary and a new Do Make Say Think record. And just today heard some great news of a release and promotion of  ‘Road to Paloma’

We will keep you posted!!!!!




Happy one more time around the Sun!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year! Our warmest wishes for a productive, safe and exciting 2014!!

We here at Telepathic had a fabulous 2013 and if everything falls into place we’ll have a busy remainder of the winter ( given the frosty weather we’ve had already, that’ll be fine by us!!!).

Thank you for following us this year, and for your listening pleasure… some audio highlights from the films we worked on…..

Road to Paloma:


Don’t get Killed in Alaska:


Spring & Arnaud:







Algonquin Poster

Also…..Today…..I (Justin) decided to join the ramshackle internet society known as ‘sound cloud’. I chose to do it because I wanted a platform that I could put the more esoteric, humble, personal and unreleased music that I’ve done with bands, at home and of course with films. You can find me HERE:


Spring and Arnaud in TORONTO!!!!!

I (Justin) have been on about this film since we finished it. The reason, I TRULY love the film and the work we did, I think, is some of our best!

If you’re  in Toronto, we’d love to see you at one of the screenings S&A have a the the Bloor Hot Docs theater. Nov 1st , 2nd, 3rd and 5th!!!!!


That said, We made A LOT of music for this film and it’s AMAZING I haven’t posted EVERYTHING!!!! Here are a few compositions I’d like you to hear……

Hope to see you at the screenings!!!

And as always, thanks for listening.

XO -Justin & Ohad.

Toronto’s not the only town with a fest!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

As TIFF winds down on it’s madness, other cities gear up for theirs! We’re extremely proud to have 3 of the films we scored see screenings at 4 different fests!!!!!


We’ve got the trailers to prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First is a film that we haven’t posted about yet. Algonquin, is funny and poignant film about Fathers, Sons, writer’s block, anger, and finding ones legacy. The score needed to be tender, but also playful. We tapped into the same inspiration that we had for our wild-man Ralph in the documentary ‘Beauty Day’. This movie allowed us to think outside of what we’re used to and that is always a welcome change!

Algonquin plays at Cinefest Sudbury

Here’s the trailer …

Here’s some cues that we love from the film…

This one we called ‘Iggy’s Theme’. Iggy is the youngest character in the film..For him, family has a more complicated meaning. This family at least.

This cue, you’ll recognize from the trailer. We scored it over a very reflective scene. How do you combine twin emotions of grieving and inspiration? This way.

The next film is the Wonderful ‘Don’t Get Killed in Alaska’. We’re especially proud of the performances by all involved! From the acting to the directing and the editing all the way down to….well everyone we’ve come in contact with on this film.

‘Alaska’ screens at both Cinefest Sudbury and the Calgary International Film Festival. Here’s the trailer…

For Ohad and I, certain performances really stood out. For me it was Rosemary Dunsmore as the mother. Troubled, and touching you can feel the longing and sadness she has to re-connect with her daughter. It doesn’t have the results she wanted. This cue is ‘Leaving Moms’


And last, but certainly not least….. ‘SPRING AND ARNAUD’ have screenings at the Atlantic Film Festival AND the Aspen Film Festival!!!!!!


Here are some more compositions from this amazing documentary… And also death. of Hotel Signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you had a blast if you were at TIFF!! We have!! Saw some amazing films, met some fantastic film makers, and stayed up later than we should! So please, if you are in Sudbury, Aspen, Halifax or Calgary… Check out these films!

As always, Thanks for listening.

Ohad and Justin.