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So there are two aspects to this job. One aspect we are really, really good at (the one about making music and putting it to the moving picture) and the other, well……. could use some work (self promotion).

So it is with an emboldened sense of self worth that I present, FINALLY, a composer’s reel.

It’s like a resume for us creative types.

We chose to use two compositions to show diversity but not to overwhelm. A longer reel is given to future/past people we wish to work with/again. This longer version has multiple scenes with our music as it appears in the film itself.

In good conscience, I can’t add these to this post as some are actually the climax of the film. A film I’d hope you want to see.

Big love goes to Nick Taylor, an amazing director, editor, songwriter and brother for this edit.



Sweet Start to 2012!!!

Hey Everyone,

Ohad and I just finished a fantastic documentary called ‘Semi-Sweet: Life in Chocolate‘.

Michael Allcock crafted a magnificent film following four stories of people whose lives revolve around the sweet stuff. Michael contributes to a blog about chocolate where he describes his film HERE.

The film follows four different story lines of people whose lives are profoundly affected by the farming, making, mass producing, and selling of cacao. They are the stories of a French chef, African farmers, a couple from Canada who produce chocolate in the tradition of the Mayans and a man who has spent his whole life in the ‘Sweetest Place on Earth’ Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The stories are told in a non-linear tradition. Jumping back and forth, the seemingly different lives began to tell common themes and at the same time give context to each other in terms of emotion. It was a great way to work. We had to maintain a certain feel throughout, yet be different enough to make each scene it own.

In this scene we set the tone for Ron and Nadine’s environment. Snowy, cold yet cozy, these are folk who make chocolate in the traditional Mayan way. They’re quite the characters themselves so we wanted to be playful……

Ron and Nadine

This track we called the ‘The Waltz’. It represents surreal reality that is Hersey, PA.

The Waltz (Hershey)(1)

I think one of my favorite parts of the film is the ‘reveal’ at the end. It’s touching. I don’t want to give it away but this is the music that directly follows it and takes us to the end credits.

SemiSweet End & Credits

We’re very happy to have worked on this wonderful film and will upload more cues as it get’s closer to a release date. As always we love to update as projects come to a close and there are some very exciting compositions in the works.

Happy 2012 and thanks for listening!