Hey Everyone…

The Polar Sea episodes 5-10 start broadcasting tonight on TVO and Arte in Europe. It doesn’t have a broadcaster in the US as of yet, and if you are having some trouble viewing it go here and download this:



And watch the episodes HERE:



Here’s a description from tonight’s episode:

Crossing the Northwest Passage remains an immense challenge despite the melting ice. Halfway through their journey, some explorers break down and fall back, leaving others exiled. One such calamity forces Richard Tegner into hitchhiking through the passage. His experience is a poignant mirror of legendary Arctic disasters that befell both Europeans and Inuit.

And some more pieces from the series:

This first composition was our first attempt at the opening credits…they now use a portion of it in the beginning when the narrator (the legendary Gorden Pinset) says “last time on the polar sea….”

Here it is presented in whole….


And some more reflections….



Hope you can tune in and as always, thanks for listening.



2 responses

  1. greatscott1985

    Hey guys. I’ve been in contact with The Polar Sea guys and they led me here. I really want to buy this music if there is a place to buy? I thought I heard something in the music that I recognized, then The Polar Sea guys said you were Years! I’m British, but you had a small following in Newcastle University in England in the late 00’s

    February 15, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    • Hey….

      Sorry for the late reply!!! We’ve actually been knee deep in so many projects including a new Do Make Say Think album and ‘possible’ Years release!!!! Also…. We are often internet stupid and forget to check out multiple emails!! You actually can not but the music itself as it was commissioned by the Polar Sea folks (who are awesome) but until they see fit to release a stand alone soundtrack…you’ll have to just watch the episodes.

      May 10, 2015 at 10:10 pm

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