Hey Everyone,

We’re happy to announce a project we worked very hard on is set to be broadcast.

The Polar Sea, a wonderful, insightful and sometimes harrowing documentary on the state of our most northern body of water. It was a real honor to work with Kevin McMahon and his amazing crew, including Jay Cheel whom we worked with on Beauty Day.

This beautifully shot 10 episode series begins Dec 1st in Canada on TVO and in the US and Europe shortly after.

Here’s the trailer…


We’d love to share some of our favorite compositions from the film over next few weeks…Here’s a start….


This is the theme we wrote for some crazy and brave individuals that attempt to sail the Northwest Passage in a tiny boat named ‘DAX’. It re-appears as an over all Sailing Theme throughout the series in differing arrangements.



This particular piece ends up in many places in the film. Usually coinciding with scenes of levity and reflection.



And here’s our take on thee ol’ sea shanty!!!!!


Some more information for you….

Book of faces:


And these AWESOME 360 videos!!! AND

We wrote a TON of music for sea shanty and have lots of variations on multiple themes. I’ll share more in the upcoming weeks!

As always, Thanks for listening!


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