A trailer For Spring And Arnaud! (plus some compostitions from Algonquin)

Hey Everyonne,

Thee wonderful Marcia Conolly, 1/2 of the directing team behind ‘Spring and Arnaud’ sent me the trailer yesterday. Have a look!!!!

It gets a couple of showings in the next few weeks….

In Montreal.. Guelph.. and Toronto!

Another film we finished this year has been playing some fests as well. Algonquin premiered at the Montreal World film fest and had a sold out reception for it’s showing at Cinefest Sudbury.

It get’s another showing at the Haliburton Film fest! (gotta play to your audiences as it were!)

Here is a cue we called ‘Crossing the Threshold’. It marks a definitive change in the paths of the characters..

This here composition is simply called ‘Canoeing’. It plays under people canoeing. You can hear that right?


As always, we have some exciting upcoming projects just around the corner!! Stay tuned!!


-Justin & Ohad


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