Toronto’s not the only town with a fest!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

As TIFF winds down on it’s madness, other cities gear up for theirs! We’re extremely proud to have 3 of the films we scored see screenings at 4 different fests!!!!!


We’ve got the trailers to prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First is a film that we haven’t posted about yet. Algonquin, is funny and poignant film about Fathers, Sons, writer’s block, anger, and finding ones legacy. The score needed to be tender, but also playful. We tapped into the same inspiration that we had for our wild-man Ralph in the documentary ‘Beauty Day’. This movie allowed us to think outside of what we’re used to and that is always a welcome change!

Algonquin plays at Cinefest Sudbury

Here’s the trailer …

Here’s some cues that we love from the film…

This one we called ‘Iggy’s Theme’. Iggy is the youngest character in the film..For him, family has a more complicated meaning. This family at least.

This cue, you’ll recognize from the trailer. We scored it over a very reflective scene. How do you combine twin emotions of grieving and inspiration? This way.

The next film is the Wonderful ‘Don’t Get Killed in Alaska’. We’re especially proud of the performances by all involved! From the acting to the directing and the editing all the way down to….well everyone we’ve come in contact with on this film.

‘Alaska’ screens at both Cinefest Sudbury and the Calgary International Film Festival. Here’s the trailer…

For Ohad and I, certain performances really stood out. For me it was Rosemary Dunsmore as the mother. Troubled, and touching you can feel the longing and sadness she has to re-connect with her daughter. It doesn’t have the results she wanted. This cue is ‘Leaving Moms’


And last, but certainly not least….. ‘SPRING AND ARNAUD’ have screenings at the Atlantic Film Festival AND the Aspen Film Festival!!!!!!


Here are some more compositions from this amazing documentary… And also death. of Hotel Signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you had a blast if you were at TIFF!! We have!! Saw some amazing films, met some fantastic film makers, and stayed up later than we should! So please, if you are in Sudbury, Aspen, Halifax or Calgary… Check out these films!

As always, Thanks for listening.

Ohad and Justin.


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