Hey Everyone,

Couldn’t wait to post about the last project we worked on……

Bill Taylor’s moving ‘Don’t Get Killed in Alaska’ was an absolute dream to work on. A really strong story, some truly amazing acting, and beautifully shot; ‘Don’t get killed..’ was also a challenge. There was a minimal use of music. The story, about family dynamics, failed drug deals, lofty unrealistic dreams, and payback, resonated so well on screen that when it came time for us to leave our mark…..well…it had to count.

We started off big and headed toward minimal. Bill and crew loved the lush orchestration that we were projecting and ultimately asked for more of the same. Happy to oblige. Here are a few cues from this wonderful, wonderful film.


Here is the ‘Opening Cue’. It quickly became a theme which morphed in many ways. Some a little more lighthearted, some (like this opening image might suggest) a little more desolate. Cold. Epic.

This is a story about family. About redemption. About tenderness. This is a cue that we created for our ‘lovers’. It’s a complicated and young kind of love. One that in equal parts lifts and tests the spirit….


This movie really spoke to us. It was a movie made with heart. Plenty of it. As composers it’s always great to get on projects like this, especially when you get to score along amazing performances by

Rosemary Dunsmore

Gianpaolo Ventura

Tommie-Amber Pirie, 


The film will have screenings at Cinefest Sudbury and the Calgary International Film Fest.

As Always, Thanks for listening! We’ve got a few more projects coming to a close and a trailer for ‘Don’t get Killed..’ coming soon…



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