LOVE, ART, DEATH. Spring & Arnaud Documentary opens at Hot Docs!!!!

Hey Everyone,

REALLY proud and excited to announce the latest film we scored has an opening at the prestigious Hot Docs documentary film fest in Toronto!

The film ‘Spring & Arnaud’ tells the story of two of Canada’s most revered and respected artists. Their love of their art. Their love for each other.

This was filmed in the last 18 months of Anaud’s life. 18 months of explosive and moving creativity from both the man who was dying and the woman who loved him.

This was a tricky score. We wanted to make it moving without it being too leading. Any composer could get caught in the trappings of underscoring the sadness of the story with moody and dark music.

However, this is not a sad film. Arnaud is full of life. Actually, ‘full’ is an understatement, Arnaud has embraced the spirit of living.  And Spring has an understanding of death that is both breathtaking and very, very real.

These two lovers inspired us, touched us, and moved us toward these pieces.


Presented without comment,

Three compositions from this film….

Arnaud’s Theme




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