Hey Everyone,

We haven’t ‘blogged it up’ for some time now. Mostly because we’ve been workin’ pretty hard. And the fruits of our labor have payed off!!!

We won a CSA (Canadian Screen Award) for best Original Score for a Documentary/Non-fiction Program for Semi-Sweet:Life in Chocolate!

Best Composers

Ohad and I are absolutely THRILLED to have won such a prestigious award and are grateful for the opportunity Micheal Allcock provided with his wonderful film.

Here’s a ‘taste’ of some of the cues we wrote for Semi-Sweet….

This one is one of our favorites. It’s playful ,orchestrated and adds a ‘bizarre dream like’ quality to the scene it plays over .

The Waltz

This next cue plays over the end sequence and credits. I love it’s more sombre, spacious feel. The perfect release after the films emotional reveal.

SemiSweet End

We’ve been working on various films over the last few months and one of the projects I’d love for you to hear some music from is a film from THIS GUY!!!!


That’s Jason Mamoa. You might recognize him from some of his film and television acting rolls. We got on board to score his wonderful directorial debut, Road to Paloma. It’s not what you’d expect from a fella known for behemoth action moves. This film goes for the head and the heart. It’s redemptive road film with plenty of tension. It was a real thrill to work with him and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see it.

p.s.- That’s my beautiful little girl Jolene I’m holding.

This cue from ‘Paloma’ happens over a love sequence. We had difficulty trying to find the right feel, and wanted it to carry some weight without feeling forced. This one fit in perfectly!


This cue is the entire end sequence and without giving away the end, you can tell from our score that it’s pretty damn EPIC!

RTP end

We’re still glowing from our win this week and are working pretty hard to meet some upcoming deadlines. Were almost finished scoring a wonderful Canadian ‘father/son’ film and are starting an amazing doc on famous photographer Arnaud Maggs  

We’ll keep updating with more music in the near future.

All the best,

-Justin Small



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