WEIRD Canada, Disco Nightmares, and a Waltz?

Hey Everyone,

As some projects end and others start, you find yourself dusting off some old ‘Ones and Zeros’ from thee computer machine and often find stuff you’d LOVE to share. So here is some of our favorite things just hanging out in the either.

First off, The Internet went and dug up something from our past!! Well, not thee INTERNET per se, but someone  by the name Christopher Batemen uploaded this little gem to a CBC affiliated web page called ‘Weird Canada’. A friend of his by the name..ahem..’BestFriendForLifePhil’ stumbled across one of Do Make Say Think‘s hand made early cassette demos at a local Salvation Army. I remember making these. In 1995 we had no designs on being a band. We just made single cassette runs and handed ’em out at shows. Seeing this blew my mind!!! Have a listen HERE

The next composition I’d love to share has a ‘Electronic Dance’ element. This unreleased track is an experiment in a genre of music that we have great love for. We wanted to give it a cinematic storyline, so we added a spooky element in the mix to give it a ‘late night in the wrong part of town’ feel. Perhaps there’s a big, scary disco record waiting for us to write….in the meantime…. enjoy this song we will simply entitle ‘OF..”


And How about we ‘Waltz’ outta here…. Well not exactly ‘waltz’ as this particular composition doesn’t fit into a standard structure of one. We just called it that when we were writing it for this amazing upcoming documentary we scored called ‘Semi-Sweet: Life in Chocolate’. It’s placement in the movie is thought provoking  and playful. This fantastic documentary will see a release soon and will update as soon as we hear about it. Until then….

The Waltz (Hershey)(1)

And heck, If you want to hear a REAL waltz….. Here is part of a score Ohad did for the film ‘Daydream Nation’ Called ‘Town Waltz’. Ohad’s score for Daydream is Epic, Masterful, and Moving. We’ll add some more teasers in upcoming posts.

Town Waltz

Daydream Nation Movie Poster | Movie Posters

As Always, Thanks for listening.

Telepathic Out Takes, Ohad Benchetrit & Justin Small


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