Hi Everyone,

Leonard Farlinger’s fantastic film ‘I’m Yours’ gets a release April 20th at the Cumberland Theater here in Toronto. My understanding is that it’s already a big success in Quebec because of the amazing performance of Karine Vanasse ( Pan Am/Polytecnique ) in the roll of Daphne.

This quirky Love/Road/Drug movie was a great experience to work on. We were able to sonically experiment and find the emotions that gave song to Daphne and Robert’s ( played by Rossif Sutherland ) unlikely romance.

The trailer starts with our composition called..ahem..’Sex Scene’ and morphs into a great little jam by the Ravonettes. Watch it here:

Here’s the full ‘Sex Scene’ with our composition as it appears in the film:

I’m Yours from Matthew Hannam on Vimeo.

We have a few special treats coming up in the next little while. A couple of tracks from a documentary we worked on as well as a few mixes from the vault!!!!

Thanks for listening!!!!

-Justin & Ohad



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