A TELEPATHIC TRIP TO THE 80’s!!! (Talk Talk included!!)

Hey Everyone,

A few projects we worked on in 2011 are seeing the light of day, and two of them are decidedly rooted in the 80’s!!!!

The first one we’d like to share with you is Adad Hannah and Denys Arcand’s ‘Safari’. An amazing video installation consisting of 6 video screens capturing the same scene in 6 different angles projected around the very set it was shot on. We’ve worked with Adad before and LOVE his work. HERE is a link to his website explaining the ‘Safari’ project. Please take time to view the other projects featured on this fantastic artist’s webpage!!

Here is a short clip documenting the experience of Safari!….

Safari Documentation from Adad Hannah on Vimeo.

The piece is approx 7 minutes long, however we provided much longer than that to account for  fade out. It is a ‘live’ viewing experience after all.

It was by all accounts a challenge outside our comfort zone. Having the ability to adapt to any sound and still have it be your own is definitely with in our skill set, but I’d be lying if I said I spent my 80’s listening to the Cure or the Smiths rather than Slayer or Metallica. We wanted to really capture the decadence and icy sharpness of what was being presented on screen but at the same time, tug on a little nostalgia by using familiar sounds and mixing techniques. It is though, very much an Ohad and Justin piece.

Here for your consideration, the full mix in ALL it’s glory….

The 80’s

In other 80’s related news, Do Make Say Think has been involved with this great project, a book about Talk Talk entitled ‘The Spirit of Talk Talk’. HERE is a link to the website.

David Mitchell and myself added some paragraphs of praise and DMST covered the song ‘New Grass’ from their masterpiece album ‘Laughing Stock’

We gave them a 12 min+ BEHEMOTH of a cover which Alan Wilder (of Depeche Mode and Recoil fame) mercifully and masterfully edited down to a slender 4+ minutes. No small feat!!!!!! The release of the tribute album is due out in May with the book soon to follow. We don’t want to post anything here until the album is released proper, and when we do, it’ll likely be the whole…12 yards!!!!!!!

As always, we’ve got some BIG plans in the works and will update as we’re able.

Thanks for listening!!


-Justin & Ohad


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