Great end to the FEST!! + LIVE DO MAKE SAY THINK from TIFF’10!!

Hey Everyone,

Ohad and I had an amazing time attending the premieres for HARD CORE LOGO 2 and I’M YOURS!! Thanks also go out to all the great folks involved in every aspect of making these films such a pleasure to work on!

Here’s a cue from ‘HCL2’ we call ‘King of Hearts’. It was a last minute edition to replace a song that could not be cleared. It appears over a scene of chaos and panic close to the end of the film. My lovely wife Katia provides the vocals and we think it gives it a ‘spooky otherworldly’ feel.

King of Hearts

To celebrate the end of another fantastic Toronto International Film Festival we wanted to premiere for the first time one of the compositions Do Make Say Think performed  as a part of TIFF Bell Light Box’s 100 essential films films

We were given the task of composing and performing a score to Erich Von Stroheim’s 1924 silent masterpiece GREED

You can find a review of the performance HERE

It was such an Honor to have had the opportunity to  be a part of this project. We worked very hard on it and had a lot of talent to pool resources out of. Including some great friends from Broken Social Scene , Weakerthans , Rheostatics  as well as members from Toronto’s eclectic Jazz and Classical scene. The project took the summer of 2010 to complete and we performed it over two nights in October. We received the recordings from both nights plus a rehearsal. We decided to go with one performance in it’s entirety. Expertly captured by the fine folks at the Light box and mixed to perfection by our very own Ohad Bencetrit, we hope you enjoy this selection.

We created a theme for this film  which we simply called ‘Greed’ It appears in the film in various forms but always hinted towards what was to become, a greed fueled violent confrontation.

Greed Waltz

As always, Thanks for listening and more updates are on the way!!!

Telepathic Out Takes, Justin Small + Ohad Benchetrit


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