Hey Everyone,

We’re proud to announce that we have TWO world premieres at the very prestigious Toronto International Film Festival..

‘Hard Core Logo 2’ and ‘I’m Yours’ will both be enjoying screenings at the fest and we couldn’t be happier. We worked hard and love both Bruce McDonald and Leonard Farlinger as artists and film makers.

As always, here are some sounds, pictures and words……..


This cue is called ‘Hobo Dance’. Bruce wanted it to be called ‘Hobo Dance’ because in the film….well…. Bruce is doing a dance that makes him look like an old-time hobo, complete with wine bottle in hand. It signifies his fall from grace in Hollywood.

Hobo Dance

This cue is called ‘Butterscotch Intro’. There’s no denying Butterscotch ( Die Mannequin’s manic manager ) has intense energy. At the same time, he’s a pretty cool motherf*#%*@er!!!!

Butterscotch Intro

There’s a really great review of HCL2 from the Whistler Film Fest here

And the official release from TIFF here


Our last post featured some music cues from this film but we thought we’d add a cue that we entitled ‘Sex Scene’, doesn’t leave much to the imagination huh? Actually it was a challenge to score. First we tried minimal, which gave it a ‘pornographic’ feel, then we tried druggy and spacy but felt it didn’t capture the passion. We settled on this and it was the right thing to do. It captures fully their wild, one-night-stand-drug-fueled-passionate-romp. Hot. Fun.

Sex Scene

Here’s the official release from TIFF for ‘I’m Yours’ here

As always, we’re working hard at other projects and updates will follow. We’re in the process of finalizing an AMAZING project Do Make Say Think had the honor of being a part of last year. TIFF Bell Lightbox commissioned us to compose and perform an original score to Eric Von Stroheim’s 1924 silent masterpiece ‘Greed‘ and it was hands-down one of my proudest achievements. So many talented people put countless hours into making it a creative, inspired performance all captured beautifully by the fine folks at the Lightbox. Look for updates soon…

Thanks for listening,

Justin & Ohad.


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