Hey Everyone,

Pleased as punch to have seen some really positive reviews to Beauty Day!!!!

Here’s one from The Globe and Mail here

From Film School Regects here

Here’s the “Pee-wee Herman meets Bobcat Goldthwait mets Johnny Knoxville” review from our friends at Exclaim here

I really like this one here from The Moving Arts

And here’s what some of the points in these reviews sound like in the film. Enjoy.

This one’s called ‘Nancy’s Crash’. Nancy is Ralph’s motorcycle racing mama and as you can tell by the cue title………

Nancy’s Crash

This cue is in reference to Ralph’s unfortunate decision to include an uncooperative rabbit, some eggs, puppies and some chocolate sauce in his Easter special that got him kicked off the air


When Ralph meets his daughter, Jordyn for the first time it’s a very touching, very human moment. And his description of the events leading up to it are absolutely priceless.

Jordyn and Ralph



Hope you enjoy. More to come as we finish up work on some other fantastic and fun films. Cheers.


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