Something Old, Something New, Something Electronic

Hey Everyone,

Ohad and I currently working on this lovely little film called ‘I’m yours’. Music for that will be updated to this site shortly, but every once and a while we like to clear out the cobwebs in thee old hard drive and listen to some of our past work and some stuff that didn’t quite make it to the film….. enjoy.



Day Dream Anthem

Town Waltz

These are some selections from a wonderful film Ohad worked on called ‘Daydream Nation’. Here’s some more info here

Nuit Blanche

Here’s an excerpt from a much larger piece we composed for an installation for the ‘Nuit Blanch’ all night, city wide art show. The piece had video of people projected onto bar stools and tables at the Rex Tavern here in T.O. Filling the place with a ghost-like atmosphere.

Cogeco End

Here’s another selection from our score to ‘Beauty Day’. It’s the end scene when Ralf, aka , Cap’n Video finds out they won’t be airing his reunion show. He keeps his spirits up though and gives the film a nice touching end. We were channeling Brian Eno on this one having lots of fun with keyboards which lead to this……

Of Canada

We just had fun with this one. No film attached. Just some ‘figuring out’ of various cool delays and reverbs. And it’s a little outside of what we usually do. Which we like . We see it as a fun challenge.

See ya all soon……


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