It’s Gonna Be a ‘Beauty Day’!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

We had the honour of working with the fantastic Jay Cheel on his film about the infectiously positive Ralph Zavadil aka ‘Cap’n Video’ called ‘Beauty Day’

Read a review and see the trailer here

It was truly an uplifting experience and watching Ralph and his crazy antics always had us in a great mood.

Here’s some of our favorite cues….

History of Cap’n Video

This is the introduction of Ralph as the zany Cap’n Video. The scene has a LOT great sound clips of those who know and love him. Fun stuff.

Nancy and Ralph’s Reunion

Not giving anything away about this one folks. Let’s say it’s a really sweet-hearted part of the movie.


This sweet little guitar ditty was really fun to do. It’s Ohad’s nice finger picking to my random slides (I think a screwdriver is involved). The scene plays out over Ralph attaching a parachute propeller device to his back in a stunt they were filming for their reunion show.

Here we are with the Cap’n himself at the ‘Beauty Day’ premiere after-party.

Currently ‘Beauty Day’ is playing as part of the Hot Docs film festival and should see a wider release sometime soon!!!




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